Shekinah Glory

Sunday Morning, 8 AUG 2021

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Love & Respect

February Event



To Teach and Preach this Gospel of Faith, Hope, and Love to Nassau and Duval Counties, to the surrounding areas, and to the Uttermost. To Train and equip the believers for the work of the ministry and the edification of the body of Christ. For we walk by Faith that is motivated by God’s love to give individuals hope in the redemptive plan of Christ.









EXALT GOD THROUGHT KNOWING AND GROWING: To Grow, Strengthen, Establish or Re-establish our relationship with GOD through worship and the preaching and teaching of the Word.

EXHORT OTHERS TO LIVE THE ABUNDANT LIFE: To build up one another, to help strengthen each others relationship with the Father and Jesus Christ and the Word through fellowships, outreaches, and church ministries/involvement.

EVANGELIZE THROUGH LOVE: To be the life, light, and witness; to build up the body of Christ and to bring people to Christ. To be a witness of HIS goodness, HIS provision, HIS healing, HIS life..